The Secret Path to Wealth Building, Part II. By Billy Epperhart. Start Transcription:

We’re going to show you how to increase your value. You don’t bring time, you bring value. So we’re going to show you how to bring value so you’re going to increase what –your ability to earn, not just your ability to make. So we’re going to say that you get the information, you’re going to eliminate consumer debt, reduce your expenses, increase your income. And we’re going to say that the first X is able to happen.

Does that sound good?

Now with that said and done, and with that understood, I want you to see what happens. Most people in America today, they live in about this particular dilemma: Their expenses are greater than their income. And so what happens to us is, is  because of that, instead of that being an X where the one is coming down and the other is going up, it runs as a parallel and sometimes the gap starts getting wider and wider and wider and we go the wrong direction.

What we’re wanting to do here is to show you how to think about money to get in the right direction. Now, most financial teaching in America today stops at the first X. SO the first X is where our expenses are lower than our income. Now the question becomes this, here’s the secret sauce: if you notice at the very bottom here of the graph, now that the pink line and the white line have crossed, and the first X has been formed, if you noticed at the bottom, I have taken one green dot approximately at the one year space and the reason that the green dot is down here is now, since these two lines have crossed and I have higher income than I do expenses, it means that I have excess capital. 

Now the question is, what do I do with the excess capital? If you’ll notice that the green line is continuing to move up.

Now I’m at two years, my expenses have pretty much leveled off, I’ve kind of got them down. My income, though, is still going up because I’m learning how to bring value to the marketplace. The green dot comes up until it crosses the pink line which is my expenses, and it’s at that point I get to quit my job and we say in America we are financially independent.