Today I want to welcome my good friend Dan Dyer to the blog, as well as the team from Glory Bank and GloTrans in Uganda. Dan is an investor with Tricord Global who really enjoys that he can grow wealth in a way that makes a difference. Tricord is really the intersection of investing in yourself and investing in others. It’s a way to build wealth, while changing lives and transforming villages. Check out these two testimonials, one from our investing side and one from our ministry side.


Hi, my name is Dan Dyer, and for a number of years now, we have been investing with Tricord Global on the microfinance side as well as on the charitable side. You know, the Lord told Abraham, “In blessing I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply you.” Those were two elements that we saw with Tricord Global that we didn’t see in a whole lot of anything else.

On the blessing side, we saw that Tricord Global actually had the charitable side of giving to people who had no way of providing for themselves–whether it was clean drinking water and drilling wells, or soap, or granaries where they can grind their grain, or firebricks where they can cook their food and derive heat from…. we saw that Tricord Global was actually doing the charitable side of blessing.

But we also saw the other side, which is in multiplying I will multiply you—which is through the microfinance. We saw how they would raise capital in the United States and other places, take it, and invest it in third world countries that were undertaught in business and undercapitalized in finances. I’ve personally seen city and nation transformation as families, one loan at a time, were brought out of poverty into sustainable businesses—not only that, but business teaching and a whole lot of other things Tricord Global does to help not only give the loan, but help the loan to succeed as well.

For years, we wanted to put our money where our morals are. The way the stock market was up and down was unstable for us. We found through Tricord Global that we were getting (and have gotten) a very good rate of return. For years we were having it paid out on a quarterly basis. But right now, we’re so confident in the fund, we’re actually doing the compound interest!

I would just like for you to understand that it is a great opportunity. We’ve done it for years, myself, my family and my ministry. We’ve invested on the charitable side in drilling wells and also on the microfinance side. We will continue to do so and are very happy with the rate of return we’re getting. We’re also very satisfied in our soul about the transformation that’s happening in the lives along with our investment.

In my point of view, we’ve had real estate (and we continue to invest in real estate) and stock market mutual funds, but my favorite investment at this time in my life is Tricord Microfinance. And I’d just like to give the opportunity to you that was also given to me, that you would look at it and consider it. Thanks for taking the time to listen.


Testimony for Mr. Sentongo Ephraim

GloTrans has partnered with bigger dreams and vision to see them in reality. This is in line with Glory of Christ Church’s objectives of empowering its members in all aspects of life. An example is of Mr. Sentongo Ephraim, who had a dream of setting up a petrol station attached to the supermarket to meet the demands of the community. But he had no capital to start.

Here came the placing of GloTrans to give out bigger loans and Mr. Sentongo embraced the opportunity. He went through the whole process of applying for the loan from GloTrans. He received appropriate money to start up.

We had a chance to visit his site and this is what we saw. A construction was going on at a very high speed. Fuel pumps are being put in place, the ground was being constructed, and pavers to enable cars to move, a supermarket is under construction.

The dream is becoming a reality day by day. And Mr. Sentongo is so, so grateful. I quote, “I have seen my dream come to pass through GloTrans. Thank you and God bless you.

As of right now, Tricord Global is currently accepting new investments–and we are offering return rates of 4%-8%. If you’re interested in learning more, visit