“I have been watching your vlogs and reading all of your emails. An update for you . . . we just purchased another business. It is a consignment/antique mall. It has over 60 vendors (I was one of them) and it is about 10,000 square feet. The owner approached me and Pete about buying it a few months ago for $20,000. . . and she said we could make payments out of the profit (but Pete may just write her a check???). We knew that was a no brainer because her profit after all bills are paid is over $3,000 a month. We did intensive due diligence. She wants to be able to spend time with her 8th grade son. So our first decision was to clear out the back and make more rental space – so that generates $490 more per month just in booth rental space!! We also get 10% of each sale that comes from each dealer. . . and I love being there.

We are continuing our pursuit of multiple streams of income. . . . and we are so thankful for your teaching!! You have really blessed us and I know you are making a difference in the Kingdom!!!”