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Property Condition Checklist


Rental Property Agreement 


Resident Damage Repair Checklist 


Property Inspection Checklist


What to Fix & What to Ignore: How to Make Wise Property Investments


How to Raise a Down Payment: 6 Ways 


Motivation to Get Started – The Tax Benefit of Real Estate Investing


How to Identify the BEST Markets to Buy In 


Blank Business Model Canvas


Business Model Generational Canvas (with questions)


Leadership Inventory Checklist


3 C’s of Communication Handout 


The Triple Bottom Line of Social Impact (Discovering Your People, Profit, and Purpose) 


How to Create an Effective Organization Chart Handout


The Ultimate Hiring Checklist (How to Hire Excellent Employees)


5 Questions to Help You Shape Your Business Goals 


The 3 Keys to a Truly Prosperous Business (a 3-page worksheet)


Social Media for Business: Do’s, Don’ts, and a Sample Schedule


Balancing Work & Family While Building Your Business: 20 Ways to Manage Well 


Contract for Thoughtful Delegation


Create a Powerful Vision Statement for Your Business 


Defeat the Obstacle of Self-Defeating Thinking: A Worksheet


Change the Environment of Your Mind Packet

Passion, Purpose, Vocation Worksheet


The Five-Year Plan Goal Setting Worksheet


SMART Worksheet


8 Areas in Need of Change & How to Change Them Handout 



The 5 Simple Steps to True Change: BONUS INFORMATION 


Discipleship for Kingdom Impact


Personal Inventory Handout



Get Rid of Debt ASAP Worksheets


Save + Earn: How to Make (and Save) Extra Money This Month 


Budget Tracking Excel Sheet 


The Wise Investor’s Cheatsheet 


Seven Steps to Financial Freedom